Panic Alarm for the Vulnerable

Prestige Stairlifts are proud to be partnering with QuickSafe to be able to provide our vulnerable customers with a panic alarm, for added peace of mind when operating their stairlift.

For over two decades, Quicksafe have been a trusted supplier to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Their panic alarms have undergone rigorous testing. Their products are widely used by NHS Trusts and care homes throughout the UK. We have a Quicksafe V3 panic alarm in the Prestige Stairlifts warehouse, for occasions when our engineers are working alone.

With that in mind, and the safety and well-being of our customer’s being of the utmost importance; we are pleased to be able to offer the additional add -on of the Quicksafe V3 panic alarm at a cost of £330 – this includes a 3 year sim card (there are no additional monthly fees). After this period the sim can be renewed for a further 1, 2 or 3 years via

For our vulnerable customer’s and their families and carers who may worry about them, the addition of a simple to use panic alarm can provide that added reassurance.

The Quicksafe V3 offers unrivalled quality and features, setting a new standard for lone user panic alarms in the UK.

Quicksafe v3 panic alarm

How it works

After a fall or a press of the panic button on the alarm fob, each contact number is called until the call is answered. Two-way speech is then opened on the device. In addition to this, each mobile phone contact is sent an alarm text alert. The GPS location of the lone user is sent to the mobile phone contacts, who can then summon help to the lone user’s location. The panic alarm device is supplied with a multi-network SIM card for the best coverage in the UK.

Quicksafe V3 – Features 

  • Adjustable Man Down / Fall Detection to suit lone user’s activity level.
  • Automatic Alerts via Fall and Tilt Sensors.
  • Low Battery Alerts.
  • GPS Location Enabled.
  • Silent / Discreet Emergency Call.
  • Quick & Easy Set up out of the box.
  • Man down alarm and Panic Alarm in one device.
  • Easy to use in an Emergency.
  • Alerts by phone call and SMS Text message to contact numbers.
  • No Software.
  • Long 4-day battery life in between charges.

Quicksafe v3 panic alarm dimensions

Order a Quicksafe V3 alarm for £330:


If you have any questions regarding a panic alarm or would like to discuss your requirements, please give us a call on 0800-032-9972. We are always happy to help.