Stay at home with a stairlift

Prestige Stairlifts Stayhome Customer

Customer with his home stairlift

Why move home when you can stay in your own home? Saving on moving costs and all of the hassle and stress associated with moving.

Here at Prestige Stairlifts we understand that moving home can be stressful. We endeavour to keep you in the home you love by installing a stair lift to meet your exact requirements. Our engineers can supply and install stairlifts for all types of staircases, many of these are bespoke in design and specially made for your unique curved staircase. A wide range of products is stocked ready for fitting. We offer a free consultation and offer advice on fitting with no obligation and no pressure to buy.

Fitting a stairlift in your home

The installation process is quick, clean and simple because the stairlift is fitted to the treads on the staircase, not to the wall. With a range of colours, Prestige Stairlifts can be an attractive addition to your home without any unsightly alterations. Our engineers will insure the stairlift is installed exactly to the contours of your staircase. Installation is carried out by our qualified fitters at a time convenient to you. We aim to fit your stairlift as soon as possible as we realise the difference to your life they can offer. It can be possible to supply and fit your stairlift within a day of consultation.

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Which? stairlift survey exposes dodgy sales tactics

Four in 10 stairlift customers report bad practice.

“A Which? survey of 530 stairlift customers has found that 43% experienced at least one dodgy sales technique.

They surveyed people who had got a stairlift for themselves or a relative. The survey found that 13% of stairlift owners felt under real pressure to buy.

However, a higher proportion experienced sharp sales tactics, with 43% having been subjected to pressure-selling, pressure to choose a more expensive model and/or an excessive number of sales calls.

Some stairlift brands exhibited better sales practices than others. Find out how Acorn, Handicare and Stannah Stairlifts compared in this respect, as well as for prices (both new and second-hand) and reliability.

High-pressure stairlifts sales calls

Nearly one in five (16%) of those Which? surveyed experienced large amounts of sales calls about the stairlift, with 14% describing these calls as ‘high-pressure’.

There was noticeable differentiation between stairlift brands.

One stairlift owner told Which? ‘Originally I applied to an advertisement which invited one to receive a free “independent booklet”. As a consequence I received numerous phone calls from the company over about two years.’

Which? stairlift brands review reveals which manufacturers were the best and worst for sales practices and also reliability, comfort, quality and value for money.

Stairlift prices uncovered

Stairlifts are a significant purchase, with people paying an average of £2,084. The industry code of practice says you should expect to see prices detailed upfront at the earliest possible stage, including in advertising and on websites.

The Which? survey found that stairlift salespeople often quote a high initial price and then offer a discount. Anecdotal evidence suggests that they might ‘phone their manager’ and then offer a greater discount for a same-day purchase. Some will withhold prices until the end of the discussion or visit.

We found that a quarter (24%) of people successfully negotiated a reduced price, so it’s always worth asking whether the figure you’ve been quoted is the best available.

Which? Principal Health Researcher Joanna Pearl said: ‘People buying stairlifts are often vulnerable because they’re buying at a difficult time, but stairlifts can make the difference between remaining independently in your own home or having to move. It’s really important that people have clear and transparent pricing and aren’t pressured to buy in already stressful circumstances.’

View the original Which? Stairlift survey report for more information about pressure selling. 

Prestige Stairlifts do not employ salesmen

Here at Prestige Stairlifts we are proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader. We don not employ pressure selling at all. In fact we don’t have salesmen. All enquires are handled by qualified stairlift engineers who can give you honest advice with no obligation to buy. They will talk through the options with you and a clear price with no hidden extras.

Acorn Stairlift Training for Prestige engineers

Prestige Stairlift engineer attended Acorn stairlift training coursePrestige Stairlifts is dedicated to training its staff to the highest standard.

This week our staff underwent thorough manufacturer training at Acorn Stairlifts head office. On display in their reception area proudly shows two of their most popular curved and straight stairlift. 

The course was presented by Acorn’s own very experienced in house trainers who know their products inside out. This knowledge and experience is passed on throughout the training and the course concludes with a final exam. We are pleased to say that our staff passed with flying colours. The training covered all aspects of stairlift knowledge from surveying, products, installation and servicing. Each engineer is presented with a certificate – one of which is now hung on the wall.

Prestige Stairlifts are committed to give customers the highest standard possible. Investing in staff development and regular professional training ensures our engineers grow their knowledge base and remain current with stairlift production and customer service delivery.

Prestige Stairlifts endorsed by Which Trusted Trader

Prestige Stairlifts Which Trusted Trader certificatePrestige Stairlifts has successfully met the professional assessment standard to become a Which? Trusted Trader and now committed to abide by the Which? Trusted Traders Code of Conduct.

We are extremely happy to have this endorsement as it is widely recognised and means we are constantly doing the right thing by our customers.

“With over 50 years experience – Which? has your consumer interests at heart. We campaign to protect your consumer rights, review products and offer independent advice on a wealth of subjects.”

Prestige Stairlifts Which Trusted Traders

A grand stairlift for a grand London staircase

Prestige grand staircase stairlift install

Grand London Stairlift on 3 floors

Prestige really does live up to its name by suppling and fitting a mammoth curved stairlift for this wonderful Victorian staircase located in London.

The install involved running tracks over 6 staircases to reach the first and second level floors.  Typically, this high ceiling London house has all the original staircase features synonymous with town houses. Owners were keen the staircase banisters and rails would not be damaged. True to their word, Prestige Stairlifts installed the entire curved stairlift with rails without a blemish on this splendid London staircase.

Expertise and experience to fit precisely

The success of this job is due to the expertise and experience Prestige Stairlifts have in their team of professional engineers. In surveying this London staircase, precise measurements were taken to allow bespoke curved rails that were tailor-made to fit every contour. As you can see from the picture, the seat neatly curves around the newel post and tucks out of the way leaving the staircase looking as impressive as ever.


100 Checkatrade stairlift reviews clocked

Prestige Stairlifts have been awarded a Checkatrde certificate saying we have now achieved a new milestone of receiving over 100 reviews.

Prestige Stairlifts are proud members of Checkatrade

Prestige Stairlifts have worked hard to build up an excellent customer relationship which has been recognised by Checkatrade. In turn, our customers have given us amazing reviews and recommendations.  It’s worth knowing that all Checkatrade members are thoroughly vetted before using the website. They adhere to an extremely high standard and stay current with government legislation and laws so as a customer, this independent body is worth checking out. 

Checkatrade’s standards each member adheres to:

  • Be honest at all times
  • Tell you about any call-out fees before coming to you
  • Let you know straight away if they can’t do the work
  • Keep appointments and arrive on time (calling in advance if they need to reschedule)
  • Be realistic about when we can start work and how long it will take
  • Be helpful, courteous and polite
  • Treat you, your property and belongings with respect
  • Keep you in the picture about all aspects of the work
  • Return phone messages promptly
  • Create an additional contract for variations from the original agreement
  • Deal with complaints promptly and professionally
  • Never demand cash payment
  • Never be verbally or physically abusive or threatening to a customer in any way
  • Never obtain work through cold calling

Read Prestige Stairlifts reviews on Checkatrade

Prestige Stairlifts Limited is accredited by Which Trusted Traders, Checkatrade and Buy With Confidence, to which membership requires a strict adherence to codes of practice and a commitment to high levels of quality and customer service. We welcome our customers to research and read independent reviews.

21st Century Stairlifts acquisition

Prestige Stairlifts take over 21st Century Stairlifts21st Century Stairlifts based in Oxted Surrey who supplied and fitted new and used stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases since 1999 has now been taken over by Prestige Stairlifts Ltd.

This acquisition will mean that Prestige can offer an even larger range of mobility products from leading manufacturers including Acorn, Brooks, Bruno, Bison Bede, and Minivator. (date: February 2014)

A bespoke Crystal Palace stairlift

Cliff Gardner A CRYSTAL Palace fan from Eastbourne has had his new stairlift upholstered in the colours of his favourite football team.

The stairlift designed in team colours was installed in the home of 49-year-old Cliff Gardner. The devoted fan can no longer attend matches in person, so his wife came up with the novel idea of having his new stairlift upholstered in the colours of Crystal Palace – ensuring her husband always feels close to his beloved club.

Cliff was injured at the age of 29 in a work accident after he fell eight feet onto a railway track.Since then he has developed severe osteoarthritis in his spine, shoulder, ankles, hip and neck, meaning he spends the majority of his time indoors.

With his movement around the house increasingly restricted, Cliff had a stairlift installed in January 2011. He said, “I think the stairlift is wonderful – it makes me smile every time I use it. “The upholstery has brought personality to the stairlift and made it a really positive feature in my house that sits nicely with my football memorabilia. It’s something people compliment me on.”

Cliff’s wife Val said, “Cliff has been a devoted Crystal Palace fan his entire life which is why I thought getting a red and blue stairlift installed would mean so much to him. “Now he can feel a part of his club without attending matches in person.”

“The stairlift has also given me the reassurance I can leave the house safe in the knowledge that Cliff can manage on his own for an hour or two. It’s really made both of us more self sufficient and independent.”

Source of this story: Eastbourne Herald Published May 2011

Dog stairlift for three senior dachshunds

Dog stairlift for 3 dachshunds

Doting couple install a £1,500 STAIRLIFT so their dachshunds don’t have to climb the stairs

Owners Sheila and Harry Lee of Ossett, West Yorks say money well spent. Climbing the stairs can often become a struggle as you get older – even when you have four legs. But it is no longer a problem for these three dachshunds after their owners bought them a £1,500 stairlift.

Sheila and Harry Lee installed the lift after one of the dogs, six-year-old Pippa, had to undergo a £5,000 operation on her spine.

They had been concerned about Pippa and their other dachshunds – Millie, seven, and Heidi six – straining their low-slung bodies as they negotiated the stairs to their beds.

‘We saw an advertisement for the stairlift and thought “Why not?”,’ Mrs Lee, 57, of Ossett, West Yorkshire, said yesterday.

‘When the company we bought it from rang up a few weeks ago to see how we were getting on with it, they were flabbergasted when I told them it was for the dogs.

‘I bet they thought that I’d lost my marbles.’

‘Dachshunds often develop back problems and they were struggling to get up the steep steps into our bedroom, which is where they’ve always slept.’

She and her husband, who used to run his own brewery, trained the dogs to sit on the lift seat by rewarding them with treats every time they used it correctly.

Mrs Lee, a mother of four, said: ‘They soon began to enjoy the trips and they happily jump on the seat at bedtime, then take a ride downstairs in the morning. It is so comical.’ 

The dogs, adopted five years ago from West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, where she volunteers, are too heavy for her to carry upstairs.

‘The stairlift cost a fraction of the spine operation – and we might need to use it ourselves in a few years,’ Mrs Lee added.”

This story written by David Wilkes was first published in the Daily Mail

Beware of rogue stairlift companies

Company falsely claiming to sell brand new stairlifts to customers is prosecuted.

Warwickshire Justice CentreJ W Mobility, trading as Mobility and Lifestyle which has branches in Bedworth, Atherstone and Hinckley, claimed to sell new Stannah Stairlifts to elderly residents across the area.

However an investigation has found that the company actually sold customers ones which were made up of second hand parts, and in some cases were unsafe.

Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service brought successful prosecution after receiving complaints from consumers from across the county.

The company claimed to be selling new Stannah Stairlifts, but the lifts were instead made up of second hand parts of old Stannah Stairlifts ‘cut and shut’ together, with rails supplied by another manufacturer.

Paul Nicholson, of Classic Stairlifts Ltd, who supplied and fitted the stairlifts, also claimed to be a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and a signatory to their code of conduct when he was not.

The case was heard by Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court, located at Warwickshire Justice Centre pictured above.

Magistrates said to the director of J W Mobility, Richard Smith from Burbage, that this was a very serious matter because it affected elderly vulnerable people, that the necessary checks were not made and that it affected not just one consumer, but several.

They added that Nicholson had also put vulnerable elderly consumers at very serious risk, by fitting unsafe products in their homes.

J W Mobility Ltd pleaded guilty to three consumer protection offences and was ordered to pay £9,536.24.

Smith, aged 38, was also personally charged with falsely describing one stairlift, for which he himself had been the salesman, as new when it was made up of second hand parts, some of which dated back to 1999. He was ordered to pay £2,322.08.

J W Mobility Ltd employed a subcontractor to supply/install the stair lifts but did not carry out proper checks on his qualifications or supervise the work and had no written contract to prove what was agreed between the two traders.

Further, the installer was not an authorised Stannah dealer.

The installer, Nicholson, aged 51 of Hednesford, Cannock, is the sole director and owner of Classic Stairlifts Ltd and pleaded guilty to one offence under the General Product Safety Regulations and received an eight week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

He also pleaded guilty to a further three consumer protection offences and was ordered to pay a total of £4,663.32 in fines and costs.

The company, Classic Stairlifts Ltd of Hednesford, also pleaded guilty to four consumer protection charges and were ordered to pay a total of £11,536.24.

Smith admitted he had failed to supervise the contracts or make appropriate checks on his supplier.

Nicholson apologised for misleading the public by claiming to be a signatory of a code of conduct, when he was not.

Speaking about the prosecution, Warwickshire County councillor Les Caborn, cabinet member for community safety said: “It is completely unacceptable for businesses to supply unsafe equipment and put elderly and vulnerable people at further risk.

“I am delighted that Warwickshire Trading Standards has taken this action to protect older and disabled people living in Warwickshire.”

Warwickshire County councillor Richard Chattaway, chair of the council’s overview and scrutiny committee, added: “Warwickshire Trading Standards will continue to help ensure that goods and services supplied by businesses are properly described and safe to use.”

This story, written by Alex Wainwright was first published in Nuneaton News