Stairlift Removal

We offer a FREE stairlift removal service for some Acorn, Brooks and Stannah stairlift products.recycle-stairlift-icon

We are happy to remove Acorn and Brooks straight stairlifts as well as Stannah curved stairlifts completely free of charge, other makes and models may incur a charge.

If you have moved house or no longer need our stairlift removal service then get in touch using our freephone number.

Stairlifts are very heavy due to the batteries and motors so we do not suggest attempting to remove them on your own. Our engineers are fully trained and quickly remove any stairlift without causing any damage to your property. Prestige Stairlifts have removed hundreds so you can be assured we will remove the lift quickly and efficiently.  Many curved stairlifts are custom made to fit the customers staircase.  These can be awkward to remove and require a couple of people.

We will also buy back any stairlift we have installed subject to terms and conditions.

If you need to find out if we installed your stairlift and qualify for our buy back scheme please feel free to give us a ring on our free phone number or use the contact form.
If you are not sure which stairlift you have please don’t hesitate to call us.

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