Stairlifts – Frequently Asked Questions

Are my stairs suitable for a stairlift?

Stairlifts can be constructed to handle any staircase. Most staircases are either straight, have a middle landing, or are curved/spiral. In some cases, a customer who has a middle landing can put two stairlifts in, one on the first set of stairs and the other on the second set. We can help you stay in your home and can cater for all types of stairs.

Do I need to modify my home for a stairlift?

In some cases, handrails may need to be removed on installation if they obstruct the operation of the stairlift.

How is the stairlift secured?

The stairlift is fitted to the treads on the staircase, not to the wall. Our engineers will insure the stairlift is installed exactly to the contours of your staircase.

How much space does a stairlift use?

Very little space. All models of stairlifts have arms, foot-rest and seat that fold neatly out of the way when not in use.

How easy is the stairlift to use?

By simply pressing the lever (or button) in the direction you wish to travel.

Will my stairlift operate in a powercut?

New stairlifts come with DC batteries that continue to power the stairlift for up to three days during a powercut.

How safe is the stairlift?

All stairlifts include:

Emergency break – stops the lift immediately

Seat belt – keeps you in position

Obstruction sensors – stops the lift should something block its path

Swivel seat lock – holds the unit in place while you get on or off

Constant pressure controls – ensures the lift will stop if you release your finger from the controls

Over-speed Governor – this stops the stairlift from over-speeding when travelling down the stairs

What is the maximum weight a stairlift can take?

Most stairlifts can take up to 25 stone in weight.

How long will it take to fit the stairlift?

A stairlift can be fitted in approximately 2 hours, however, it can depend on the complexity of your staircase.

I still have more questions to ask!

Please telephone us on our FreePhone: 0800 032 9972 number and we will be happy to give you more information and advice.

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